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Hi every1

2012-09-13 05:21:57 by Azimaru

Hey ( just thinking where to start...)

My names Arreon. ive beena fan of newgrounds for quite some time and fought its about time i become a memeber. i work a full time job even tho im off ill at the moment which has given me time to get back in to my drawings which i will hopefully be posting up on newgrounds to get your constructive critism or for you to just tell me my drawings are shite either way ill take them all as improvment ideas.

the style of drawing that i do is manga but cause ive only just started to get back into i can only do profile pics of my charaters faces which sucks, ive kinda started my own project for a manga even tho i cant draw the comics to save my life but never know what the future brings, the projects called the onlookers which hopefully be the name of the manga 1 day and its based on my friends and me hope u like the pics when i finaly manage to get them uploaded.

P.S i know my spelling and grammer is bad please bear with it